More on Villain Month!

5 Jun

This looks great….I can’t wait to see an actual copy!

So the other day I posted a story on DC Comics doing Villain Month in September and today I have a few more titles that have been released as well as some more of the 3D covers!! We’re just waiting on a handful more titles to be released and I’ll provide a full list once it is all done. But so far this is what we’ve got to look forward to come September!!!

Batman: 23.1 The Joker, 23.2 The Riddler, 23.3 The Penguin, 23.4 Bane

Detective Comics: 23.1 Poison Ivy, 23.2 Harley Quinn, 23.3 Scarecrow, 23.4 Man Bat

Batman & Robin: 23.1 Two-face, 23.2 Court of Owls, 23.3 Ra’s al Ghul, 23.4 Killer Croc

Batman The Dark Knight: 23.1 The Ventriloquist, 23.2 Mr. Freeze, 23.3 Clayface, 23.4 The Jokers Daughter

Superman: 23.1 Bizarro Superman, 23.2 Brainiac, 23.3 H’El 23.4 Parasite

Action Comics: 23.1 Cyborg Superman, 23.2 General Zod, 23.3 Lex…

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23 Apr

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